Netflix Pays Millions for Ronaldo and Messi’s Shows: Who Earned More?

Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, reportedly received a record $10 million payment from Netflix for a documentary series that explores both their personal and professional life. The couple’s familial relationships and daily life will be intimately explored in this show.

It’s interesting to note that Ronaldo is not the only footballer with a show on the widely used streaming service. The main adversary of Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, will also have his own animated Netflix series. The program, which is scheduled to debut in 2024, will follow Messi’s development into one of the greatest soccer players in history.

Messi’s animated series is expected to earn about $7 million despite Ronaldo’s rumored $10 million deal. It’s obvious that both football players want to take their brands off the pitch and into the world of entertainment.

The popularity of soccer and the star power of Messi and Ronaldo have made Netflix’s significant investment in these shows a no-brainer. Undoubtedly, viewers from all over the world will be anxious to tune in and learn more about their favorite athletes.

In conclusion, Netflix’s investments in soccer players like Ronaldo and Messi serve as a testament to the enormous scope of the game, both on and off the field. These programs provide viewers a chance to get a closer look at their favorites, but they also give soccer players a way to increase their income and attract new followers.

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