Fans go wild as Dwayne Johnson talks Superman, Black Adam, and a potential DC crossover

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, recently expressed his feelings about Henry Cavill leaving the Superman franchise as well as his own upcoming part in the DC movie Black Adam.

Johnson expressed his disappointment over Cavill’s departure in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, praising him as a superb ambassador for the DC franchise. Johnson acknowledged the complexity of the movie business and the difficult casting choices that must be made.

Johnson also talked about his own part in Black Adam, in which he plays the title character. He exuded enthusiasm for bringing the role to life and made hints at an outstanding performance that fans can look forward to. He teased DC fans with a “wonderful surprise,” but he didn’t say what it might be.

There has been a lot of uproar among fans of both the Superman and Black Adam franchises over this interview. There are many theories about what the surprise in Black Adam might be, and some people are even advocating a character crossover between the two.

In conclusion, fans are very excited about Dwayne Johnson’s recent comments regarding Henry Cavill’s departure from the Superman franchise and his own role in Black Adam. It’s clear that interest in the DC franchise is still strong given the tantalizing promise of a surprise in the upcoming movie.

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